Terms of Use

DeerDir is a directory that contains profiles of business entities, as well as individuals.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on our site, but we do give our best to keep it as accurate as possible.

Anyone can create an account free of charge, and everyone can file a request for deleting their profile.

When it comes to media content, you can upload photographs of your products and services and you can leave a link to your YouTube channel, completely free of charge.

Deleting of a profile can be done, and it is going to be processed systemically. All information about the profile will be removed from the website, while it will take some time to remove the URL address and the profile page itself from the system. There will be information on the profile page saying that this profile was deleted until the system itself removes the page from the directory.

DeerDir’s administrators reserve the right not to publish a profile if they find that particular profile is not in accordance with the guidelines and moral principles of the DeerDir directory.

Profiles to be added must respect the following rules:

- It is forbidden to promote any kind of explicit content within a profile

- It is forbidden to create profiles that will offer and promote psychoactive substances

DeerDir reserves the right to edit these terms of use without prior notice.