Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of all our users. We collect only the necessary users’ personal data and strictly keep it private. This data is only available to DeerDir directory administrators. All our administrators are responsible for respecting user privacy.

The site possesses an SSL protocol and the data is encrypted with a secure connection.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect the information you send us, such as email address, for example, and we use it to communicate with you. We do it only with your consent, which you give us by marking that you accept our Privacy Policy and rules for using cookies when you sign up to DeerDir directory.

Every time you visit our website, servers on which is DeerDir hosted, automatically record certain information that your web browser sends. This information includes the IP address, the type of the browser you are using and the language, the pages you viewed, date, and time. This data is used exclusively to ensure the stability of our services, and it is automatically deleted after seven days.

We respect your privacy, and we are dedicated to protecting it. We do not sell your data, or in any other way provide your personal information to other companies that might use it to advertise their products and services. We can get your data only if you send it to us by e-mail. If you want us to delete your data from our database, we will do it, you only need to send us a request for removing your data by following this link.

We might send you e.mail messages occasionally, with information and news about our website and the improvement of the service.