About us

DeerDir is a free online directory that enables companies and individuals to promote their business for free.

We strive to provide only quality presentations to companies and individuals, so our sorting process is based on a human factor and manual work.

In your DeerDir profile, you can leave a description of your company, contact information, a link to the site and social media profiles, and you can upload photographs or embed videos from YouTube as well.

You can search profiles by profile name, business category, city, country, and specific niche.

Anyone who wants to set up their profile, they can do it on the DeerDir directory.

We will host your images and your profile completely for free.

We do not accept profiles that are immoral, or they are contrary to our Terms of Use that you can read here.

Our SEO system is fully optimized and it follows the standards and guidelines of renowned search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.).

You only need to register once, but you can create multiple different profiles. This might be suitable for agencies that want to promote several companies or individuals as their clients.

We regularly check the URLs to see if the active or non-active addresses were deleted from our database.

When updating the system, we will notify you of the upgrade and the new features that we implemented within our online directory.