About the Business

Your trees can be the most beautiful, lush thing in your yard. They're also one of the most important factors in keeping your home safe and sound. Albuquerque tree trimming is a thorough process that covers much more than a tree's aesthetic look. Professional tree trimming includes removing any deadwood and making selected cuts to eliminate poorly structured growth, such as branches that rub against each other and branches that grow down rather than up. Pruning can also thin the inner growth to allow more air and light into the canopy's center. The ultimate purpose of pruning is to improve the tree's structure to improve its general health. Professional tree trimming is -acquired expertise that requires skilled teaching. There are many different types of trees in New Mexico, and tree specialists are continually learning and polishing their strategies to trim and prune the various trees in the area efficiently. The proprietors of American Tree Services in Albuquerque have over years of combined experience in the tree industry. They have the knowledge and skills to keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy.